Praise Report: Completely Unharmed After Car Flipped

Recently, I made a routine drive from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville in Cambodia for a site visit. I was supposed to take three passengers with me during this trip. But I felt uneasy and told them to hire another car and driver the night before. I also instructed them to set off at a later time.

The next morning, I checked my car and noticed a flat rear tire. It took me three attempts at different gas stations to inflate it. I prayed for God’s protection that it would not happen again. Then, I texted my wife to pray that I would have a safe journey.

As I was driving, I was praying Psalm 23:4. When my car approached a gentle turn on the outskirts of Sihanoukville, it suddenly began to spin uncontrollably. Before I knew it, the car flipped and somersaulted.

At that moment, so many things flashed through my mind and the only word I could utter was “Jesus.” Immediately, the car stabilized and glided into a roadside café signboard more than fifty meters away. The car’s rear right door was entirely damaged but I came away completely unharmed.

A crowd of about eighty locals began to form around me and I feared they would rob or carry out mob justice against me. However, I could sense God’s shield of divine protection all around me as I dislodged the signboard from my car and sought the café owner.

The young lady owner appeared shaken as she approached me, but my demeanor somehow helped to calm her down. The crowd began to see that I was not trying to get away from this incident. As she did not speak English and I spoke minimal Khmer, I expressed my apology to her using Google translate on my mobile device. I also told her that I wanted to sort out this situation with her amicably.

In response, she offered me a cold drink from her café! At the same time, a police officer arrived. Seeing the cordial situation, he assured the crowd that all was well. I compensated the lady in the presence of the officer who also witnessed and signed off on the settlement.

After that, I texted my wife what had happened and got in touch with a provincial contact. I took the latter’s advice to proceed to Sihanoukville as the car still seemed fit for use. After arriving safely at my destination, I thanked the Lord for His grace and mercy. I also thanked Him for faithfully staying with me on the road the whole time.

I showed pictures of the accident and car damages to the locals and they remarked that I had been “lucky.” They said the area (where my car had lost control) had been named an “evil road” for claiming several lives over the years.

Thank You, Jesus, for protecting me. Pastor Prince, your messages about pressing on bravely with the Lord even in times of danger and uncertainty—simply because God faithfully protects His children—are all truth! Because of Jesus’ finished work on the cross, I can fear no evil. To Him be all the glory!

Leslie Chan | Singapore

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