Praise Report: Health Completely Restored Despite Low Chance Of Survival

My friend, a non-believer, was experiencing flu-like symptoms with fever. Despite seeing a doctor and taking medication, she started feeling worse and breathless. About a week later, she was admitted into the intensive care unit (ICU) and was found to have had a viral attack.
Her liver, kidneys, and lungs were failing and she was in a critical condition.

Sedated and in a comatose state, she was put on life support and daily dialysis for her kidneys. The doctor said she only had a ten percent chance of survival and even if she pulled through, her organs may not function normally again.

We were also told that the hospital would have to remove the life support if she showed no improvement within the next few days. The dosages of antibiotics and other medicines given to her were the maximum—this would be lethal for her organs if prolonged.

My wife and I decided to lay hands on her and pray for her healing. Frankly, we hardly lay hands on anyone in prayer. The last time I did so was for my father three years ago. At that time, he was diagnosed with end-stage stomach cancer and passed on months later.

Before praying for my friend in hospital, I had thoughts such as, “How should I pray? What words should I say?” I felt faithless. Then I recalled Pastor Prince’s sermon about resting in Jesus’ faithfulness instead of my own.

I learned it was never about my faithfulness, but the Lord’s faithfulness in loving me and making good on His promises to heal and provide for me.

Pastor Prince also taught that whenever we find ourselves wavering in faith, we can look to Jesus’ faithfulness instead and remain at rest. The Lord Himself cannot fail and He will always do as His Word has promised!

As such, my wife and I laid hands on my friend and prayed in the Spirit. We knew our prayer had power in the Lord. We declared the Lord’s healing and unconditional love for her and proclaimed healing power in His name. We professed in faith that she would get up from the hospital bed and be restored with healthy organs.

That week, we partook of the Holy Communion on her behalf during service in New Creation Church [in Singapore]. Her condition improved over the next few days and she gradually gained consciousness. Praise God!

By that time, she had been in ICU for two weeks. This was a miracle as she was only expected to live for a few days. Not long after, she was transferred to a normal ward for two weeks and then to physiotherapy for another two weeks. Today, she is up and about and her organs are all functioning optimally. She also does not require medication anymore. Hallelujah!

Lastly, I’d like to share more about my father. When he was suffering from end-stage cancer a few years ago, I prayed that he would somehow receive Christ. I did not know how to share the gospel with him then.

Miraculously, he asked to visit my church and got born again! He was even baptized before he passed on a few months later. By the grace of God, salvation had come upon him before he went to be with the Lord. My mother also received Christ not long after.

All glory to Jesus! Thank you, Pastor Prince, for blessing my family with your ministry.

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Singapore


  • Mary Hudak says:

    Pastor Prince, is it okay to partake of the Holy Communion at home?(with just me) I will wait for your answer with anticipation. Your sister in Christ, Mary Hudak. ps.Are there specific instructions to follow?

  • Daniel Pascut says:

    This is wonderful. Joseph Prince is a real inspiration and gem in understanding God’s love and grace. To God be well the glory for all breakthroughs.

  • Anna says:

    Thank you so much Pastor Prince for pointing us to our LORD JESUS,GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

  • Raymond Agyenkwa says:

    God bless you much more. Your ministry is really impacting me with deep understanding of the Word of God.

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